Big Win for Student Falsely Accused of Sexual Assault The Daily Beast recently reported that college sexual assaults are on the rise.  This statistic is based on a federal study by the Institute of Education Sciences. The news outlet concludes that the stigma associated with victims coming forwar...  Read more

College Sexual Assault UNFOUNDED

Client Testimonial "College Sexual Assault UNFOUNDED. A college and university response to accusations of campus sex assaults offends any notion of fairness or due process. It’s quite the opposite and until you’ve been a party to it, you wouldn’t believe it. The Law Office of John R. Grasso s...  Read more

Dismissed: First Degree Sexual Assault

Police arrest client and charge him with a capital offense (up to a lifetime in jail) and other violent felonies after disgruntled ex-girlfriend makes incredible accusations against him. With only the police reports available to it, the court holds client without bail but orders an immediate hearin...  Read more

Dismissed: First Degree Sexual Assault

“My family hired Attorney Grasso immediately after I was arrested and charged with 1st degree sexual assault. The charge and allegation against me were outrageous and false. Attorney Grasso made my case his first priority. He appeared in court with my family and secured my immediate release fro...  Read more

Restraining Order Defense Testimonial

I was recently in a very bad relationship. After my ex-girlfriend was arrested for vandalizing my property, I secured protection from the court. In retaliation, she made false accusations in an attempt to interfere with my professional pursuits. I hired Attorney Grasso to prove that her accusatio...  Read more

Motor Vehicle Offense

Out of state trucking company received a Notice of Delinquency and Intent to Set-Off Against Tax Refund Notice from the State of Rhode alerting it to a 9 year old outstanding fine that was imposed by the traffic court. After researching the issue, we discovered that the firm’s driver at the time ...  Read more