University Student Conduct Violation

Local college student charged with violations of the University’s Code of Student Conduct by possessing marijuana on campus. Colleges and universities conduct their own student conduct investigations and hearings that could result in suspension and expulsion. Students and their parents are well-...  Read more

Assault with a Dangerous Weapon

Police charged elderly client with assaulting a local delivery person with a dangerous weapon. Prior to trial, the state insisted that he serve at least one year in prison. After thoroughly investigating the facts and arguing the law of self defense and citizens arrest, our firm was able to help our...  Read more

Massachusetts Operating Under the Influence/OUI

Massachusetts Operating Under the Influence/OUI. Young professional was charged by Massachusetts police with operating motor vehicle while under the influence as a second offense - a serious offense that calls for mandatory jail. The client’s first offense occurred 12 years earlier. By immediately...  Read more

Sexual Assault on College Campuses

It may surprise you to know that sexual assault is a big problem on college campuses. While it makes the news on occasion, it is not really something that most of us discuss a lot. However, it has become such a problem for colleges across the country that in April 2015 the Association of American Un...  Read more