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Reinstating a License Following A DUI

Here’s what you need to know about reinstating your driver’s license if you lost it due to driving under the influence: Check the date of expiration – once this is fulfilled, an application can be made to reinstate the license. Attend a Hearing – drivers will be subject to review, where an...  Read more

How to Challenge A DUI Case

When you’re confronting a legal challenge such as DUI, one of the best moves to make is to contact a professional who has experience in this niche. DUI cases may seem very simple to defend by a public defender, or even a simple explanation from the accused, however these cases are becoming more co...  Read more

Divorce Proceedings in Rhode Island

Spouses who are facing custody, alimony, or asset division challenges should contact an attorney to help ease the process. Some of the qualities you should seek in an attorney include confidentiality, reputation, and proven success. Marital disputes can additionally be resolved with mediation or co...  Read more

Rhode Islanders Face Yet Another Bomb Threat

WPRI News reported that a 31 year old woman going by the surname Inlavongsa, allegedly placed a note in her office’s bathroom, which indicated that a bomb attack was underway. Police were called to the building, where no material evidence used for making explosives were found. Inlavongsa was found...  Read more

Assaulting a Police Officer Rhode Island

WPRI News in April reported that a woman allegedly endeavored to stab a cop in the chest, which was subdued by a protective vest. Christine Poncia, the officer on duty, suffered minor stab wounds to her hands, according to the report. The incident transpired when police were summoned to the defendan...  Read more

Update on Wyatt’s Detention Assault Case

Police misconduct for concealing or tampering with evidence was suspected at the Wyatt Detention Center recently, when Lt. Belford claimed to have been assaulted by an inmate. The center failed to investigate or take disciplinary measures. What’s more is that prior to the assault, Belford was give...  Read more