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Sexual Assault on College Campuses

It may surprise you to know that sexual assault is a big problem on college campuses. While it makes the news on occasion, it is not really something that most of us discuss a lot. However, it has become such a problem for colleges across the country that in April 2015 the Association of American Un...  Read more

What Are Open Container Laws in Rhode Island?

It’s no secret that driving under the influence is a danger to society. Hundreds of individuals are involved in fatal accidents as a result of motorists getting behind the wheel when their judgment is impaired. Due to these statistics, several initiatives have been launched to curb the number of ...  Read more

Dram Shop Laws in Rhode Island

Dram shop laws aren’t commonly referenced, but in rare instances a bar owner or holder of a liquor license may come under fire for being liable, or partly liable for a DUI that ended badly. The Rhode Island Liquor Liability Act is still in existence today, and it carries penalties when an owner o...  Read more

Divorce Proceedings in Rhode Island

Spouses who are facing custody, alimony, or asset division challenges should contact an attorney to help ease the process. Some of the qualities you should seek in an attorney include confidentiality, reputation, and proven success. Marital disputes can additionally be resolved with mediation or co...  Read more

What’s The Cost of Embezzlement in RI Court?

A Massachusetts man was recently arrested for embezzling up to one thousand from his company, according to WPRI news. The investigation determined that the funds were embezzled over several incidents, and not just on one occasion alone. Quijano now faces embezzlement charges which could be penalized...  Read more