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How to Challenge A DUI Case

When you’re confronting a legal challenge such as DUI, one of the best moves to make is to contact a professional who has experience in this niche. DUI cases may seem very simple to defend by a public defender, or even a simple explanation from the accused, however these cases are becoming more co...  Read more

What to Expect Following A DUI Arrest

Drivers that are arrested under suspicion of driving under the influence will face a series of actions, including: Law enforcement will usually have probable cause to stop a driver and question them for drunk driving. Officers are trained to detect certain behavior that points to intoxication, inc...  Read more

Dram Shop Laws in Rhode Island

Dram shop laws aren’t commonly referenced, but in rare instances a bar owner or holder of a liquor license may come under fire for being liable, or partly liable for a DUI that ended badly. The Rhode Island Liquor Liability Act is still in existence today, and it carries penalties when an owner o...  Read more

First Degree Sexual Assault in Rhode Island

Nearly a year after an off-campus party that involved underage drinking, Navy investigators at the Naval Academy in Maryland continue to investigate allegations of a sexual assault.  These allegations are not out of the ordinary for the Naval Academy.  The New York Times noted that the Academy had...  Read more